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Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Police officers, Government Employees, Sorority sisters, Military & spouses receive 20% off!!


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Before Coming to Our lovely In Home Studio Here’s how to prep for your Consultation

To prepare You'll need to shampoo condition, detangle from root to tip, removing all shedded hairs, blow dry out. Do not apply any gels, or heavy products to your hair.  There's tons of info out there so please feel free to bring any questions you may have about what you have learned from online. 

Even If you have fine hair YOU CAN STILL START MICROLOCS

Check out this great video My client is only a month in with this video!  Her hair is doing wonderful!!  Wait until they fill in and truly bloom.  I work with all hair types!

Candi Sweets Beauty to the rescue!!

Check out this great video on a Microlocks root touch up After 6 months. (Every case is different)   Even if you have small locs and  you happen to get off schedule (consultation based) I still may be able to professionally catch your new growth back up within A few sessions!  So don’t give up or start over!  

what are sisterlocks

Check out this great video on  Sisterlocks!

Sisterlocks is a natural hair management system that creates tiny style-able locks.  It allows women with tightly textured hair to take advantage of a wide range of the current hair trends without having to alter the natural texture of their hair, add any products, or heat.

AND if your not into sister locs and ur in the NORFOLK, CHESAPEAKE, OR VIRGINIA BEACH AREA you can opt for a large set  microlocks options

Struggling with taking the leap?

Check out this great 7 minute video about her families reactions to her sisterlocks

Tiny Locs our signature service

Check out this great video of one of our clients who received our famous tiny locs service aka microlocs which has has average of 300 locs. BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION TODAY FOR THIS SERVICE 

Here are a few photos of settled in Sisterlocks

Color them

Blonde Sisterlocks

Rock It short

Sisterlocks on short hair

If you love seeing MICROLOCKS WITH COLOR IN NORFOLK, WAIT UNTIL THE SUMMER HITS VIRGINIA BEACH ! ITS GOING TO BE ANOTHER HOT GIRL SUMMER COME 2020! IF you like short hair you can wear your sister locs short with bangs and add highlights. Sisterlocks are so versatile

If your a DIYer

Sisterlocks Journey

Having your Sisterlocks done with us in Norfolk, VA grants you the opportunity to have the proper lock count installed.  It is so important for you to have an average of 400 locs so that's it is easier for you to self maintain. Youcan even self maintain your microlocks like our client here does for her sister 

One of our Sisterlocks self maintaining DIYers

Check out this great video of one of our clients self maintain her own locks

30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

We believe in our products and know they’ll work for you! If you’re not satisfied, and your results are not of the professional Candi Sweets Beauty Standards contact us with your concerns so we can serve you better!    

*Due to the decision that you have made to choose to have your artwork done with CSB, a faith home based studio. No refunds will be given regarding matters associated with my family or children.  For Example religious obligations, wifely duties, family emergencies, appointments changed, cancelled, or postponed.  

 If your not a person with a positive mindset or patience do not start services with Candi Sweets Beauty.  If I notice negativity I reserve the right to refuse service to you thank you 💋 

THE KEYS TO MY SUCCESS! make extra money doing microlocs